How to choose a suitable student to read a desk lamp
Time: 2018-06-07
I believe a lot of people have found that the age of myopia is getting lower and lower now. Children who have just entered kindergarten can wear a pair of big eyes. They feel lovable and pitiful. The reason is very simple, and many kinds of things, often watching mobile phones, playing games and improper use of the habit of using the eyes, but more important is that children in reading or writing homework, without the correct use of lighting results.
Many people use table lamps, especially parents think that the brighter the lamp is, the better the children will read and write.
Because brightness is not a standard for testing and measuring a desk lamp.
To measure a qualified desk lamp, the most important thing is to choose a "eye protection", which meets the following requirements:
1, low blue light
In 2010, Dr. Danny published an amazing survey of ophthalmologists at the ARVO: most of the lighting in the market contains "blue light" that has great damage to the eyeball. Reading under the harmful blue light can lead to myopia, computer syndrome, cataract and even blindness. Doctors warned: "blue light" on children's eye injury is more serious.
What is blue light?
HEV is a high energy visible light, which directly penetrates the cornea and lens, reaches the yellow spot directly, accelerates the oxidation of the macular area, and causes photochemical damage to the retina. Blue light (HEV) hurts the children's retina more seriously, and the blue light (HEV) is everywhere in the daily life. The sun, fluorescent tubes, computers, and liquid crystal displays all contain blue light (HEV), so HEV (blue light) has been studied to be the most dangerous visible light.
If you are worried about the "blue light excess" of the LED lights or other appliances you are buying, you can judge whether the blue light of the LED lamp is not overdose according to the People's Republic of China national standard GB/T 20145-2006 / CIE S 009/ E:2002 (light and lamp system light biosecurity) - the standard gives the blue light in particular. The upper limit of the luminous flux at the angle of space. Generally speaking, more than 0.2 of Blu ray is regarded as high blue light.
So when you buy a lamp, you must choose a low blue light.
2, no strobe
Flickering is extremely easy to cause eye fatigue, dizziness, uncomfortable eye symptoms, and serious problems such as headache, loss of vision and so on.
The most direct way to check whether there is a strobe is to open the camera to the light source. If there is no flash line on the screen, there is no flicker, and the flow of the dark line is happy so the more frequent.
3, soft light
What is the soft light? On weekdays, the color temperature of the daylight we see is about 5600K, the same as the direct sunlight at noon, but for desktop reading, it is high and white, so the eyes are very tired.
The best light is 1-2 hours after sunrise, the color temperature is between 4000 and 5000K. This color temperature range is comfortable and soft, and suitable for reading and writing. Generally speaking, if you want to choose a slightly higher color temperature in this range, you need to choose a relatively low color temperature.
4, illuminance and illumination range
The light intensity of the desk lamp is measured: the light intensity at the center of the light source and the height of the read-write desktop 400mm is 750-1500 Lx, which is the best visual light environment. Generally speaking, only from the illuminance value, the lamp below 500LX is unqualified, and its lighting intensity is low, so it can not be used as reading and writing lighting.
The range of illumination is also the area that we usually talk about when the lamp light is irradiated. The average table lamp is usually about 55cm. The size of a magazine is far from enough for students to read or write. If the irradiation scope is too low, it is easy to lead to improper posture, causing hunchback and shortsightedness.
Generally speaking, in order to create a comfortable and comfortable lighting environment for reading and writing, the light range of the table should not be less than two books, which ensures that the person can read and write at the most comfortable height.
In terms of ergonomics, the light of ring light source is most suitable for reading. The design of 16:9's light source distribution is most suitable for human eye's visual proportion.
5, 3C certification
National certification requirements: learning desk lamp must pass the national mandatory 3C certification, and within the validity period.
Children are our future. We should learn to be rational when we care for our children. In fact, every child is born in a blank sheet of paper. What kind of environment do you create for him and what things he uses are imperceptibly affecting him. Please don't let our little neglect bring pain to our children's growth.